Adolescent Care

A sociologist – Robert Havighurst – say that we have nine development tasks. These nine tasks are:
1. Selecting a mate
2. Achieving a masculine or feminine social role
3. Learning to live with a marriage partner
4. Starting a family
5. Rearing children
6. Managing a home
7. Getting started in an occupation
8. Taking on civic responsibility
9. Finding a congenial social group. Selecting a mate

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As we age, we tend to participate in peer groups to please everybody essentially wanting to gain popularity or to be socially accepted

Thus leads us to peer pressure. Peer pressure is pressure to do what others around you are doing and are usually bad omens, Usually we are afraid of disrespecting or offending a person, thats why people have a diffucult time saying “no” to people you who pressure you to do things you arent willing to do

Some of the conclusion of peer pressure is alcholism, smoking, or drug abuse

We should refuse harmful or illegal substances amd should learn to say no to keep you healthy

Because of our want to be accepted socially. We tend to listen to others opinions and change ourselves just to please everybody. Because of this people gain disorders or depression (usually eating disorders). Some examples are bulimia and anorexia nervosa

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If you feel depressed or have problems gain professional help and I genuinely hope you are okay

Be healthy and Be happy during your growth

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Young Adolescents

Young adolescents go through development changes. Its a time of growth and change. Usually occurs between the ages of ten to fourteen, puberty is a result of the release aof hormones.

About changes, we change phyisically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. As we develop we gain certain traits and personalities.

Traits is something about you that shows what you are like. Traits can be physical, mental, social, and emotional. Personality is the combination of the ways you act, think, and feel, it also depends partly on traits ypu were born with

As a young adolescent, your body has special needs and is needed to be looked after.

Grooming and Hygiene are needed necause ot helps you make the most of your physical features

Keeping the body healthy is a must during development. Your oil glands in your skin become active thus making skin care a must during this stage

We should also be healthy. Making a balamced diet and the right amount of exercise. We should also know about the three basic food groups go, grow, and glow

Go foods give your body carbohydrates and fats for example is rice and bread

Grow foods give you nutrients for building strong bones and teeth for example is meat and fish

Glow foods have a lot of vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber (and fruits and vegetables)

Keep healthy and Be happy during your growth